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Moon Rocks are a THC megazord—they’re essentially cannabis buds (historically GSC, but any strain suffices) dipped in or sprayed with hash oil, then rolled in kief. Though the potency of each batch of Moon Rocks varies and depends on how it’s made/who produces it, the general consensus is that they hover around 50% THC.


What in the universe is a Moon Rock? In the cannabis world, a Moon Rock is a celestial bud of Girl Scout Cookies, drenched in CO2 oil, and then coated in a heavy layer of “sicdust” (or kief). This cosmic blend boasts a THC percentage of roughly 52 percent and is a heavy hitting indica with powerful sativa undertones.

Cookies, kief, and C02 oil. Serious cannabis enthusiasts get excited by that combination — how could you not?! When I first heard of Moon Rocks, I immediately knew I’d have to have them. I’ve since tried them on two separate occasions. The first time was in small amounts in fear of the high THC ratio. The second time was in larger amounts, in an attempt to really gauge the effects. Both experiences were vastly different.

Small Amounts: In “small” amounts, meaning tiny pinches off the bud, the high begins with an initial strong head rush that slowly fades into a haze. The haze lasts about an hour and a half until a slight buzz takes its place and slowly lowers your high over the period of about four hours.

Larger Amounts: In “larger” amounts, meaning about 0.1 to 0.2 of a gram, I found myself in a catatonic state until I fell into a deep sleep.

You should definitely take it slow with Moon Rocks.

I prefer a more sativa-like high and therefore preferred my first experience with Moon Rocks to my second one. However, if you’re looking for a strong body high to relieve insomnia, lack of appetite and pain, Moon Rocks is a great option.

When I tell people about Moon Rocks, the first question after “What are they?” is always “How do you consume them?”

While I’m sure there are more ways to consume a Moon Rock, the two I tried were smoking it using a bong or pipe and vaporizing it using a Volcano. In both methods, I placed a piece of Moon Rock either on top of or in the middle of a bowl’s worth of ground bud. My favorite strains that went well with the Moon Rock were Grapefruit and Candyland.

Although my two experiences with Moon Rocks were extremely different, both highs were great for different things. Small amounts may be great for a midday uplift. But be careful of consuming a little too much as it may take you on a quick trip to dreamland (after a pit stop to raid the kitchen).

Potency: 52% THC

Appearance: From the outside, the bud is a dark purple and looks similar to hash. However once you break the bud open, you can see bright green leaves under a heavy layer of deep purple.

Flavor: The flavor is sweet and earthy. However, that can be distorted to a diesel-like flavor if you use a butane lighter. I would recommend using a hemp wick for pure flavor.

Aroma: The aroma of the Moon Rock is lacking, surprisingly. When I opened the package, I wasn’t overwhelmed by a pungent wave like I would be with a bag of cannabis.

Effect: In larger amounts, the effects are extreme sleepiness and hunger. However in smaller amounts you can expect a long lasting uplifting buzz.

Medical Applicability: Stress, depression, pain, insomnia, and lack of appetite.

Overall Impression: While I may have been underwhelmed by my second experience with Moon Rocks, I can’t deny that the high is out of this world.

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6 reviews for Moonrocks a Quarter Pound
  • 5 out of 5

    “Moonrocks hit hard and even. it’s a great relaxant and it definitely brings on the giggles. I love this one for creativity, too.”

  • 5 out of 5

    “Am I dead? WTF? Who’s house is this?? Why isn’t my mouth working!!!?” These are some of the things I was thinking while high on this nectar of the gods while sitting at home. I kept thinking I was melting into my leather recliner and had to keep pushing myself up to keep from falling but my arms weren’t working. I ended up grabbing my broom and layed it across my lap so the stick was laying over the arms where I wouldn’t fall through the chair. Kind of like holding onto a log while floating down the river. Also, I almost shit myself. This is a VERY strong strain. I suggest making sure you’re in a safe environment and/or with friends while doing it. You don’t want to do it if you have obligations later in the day, but maybe for a nightcap or weekend type thing? If you’re into strong strains, this is the gold.

  • 3 out of 5

    very strong and potent strain. heavy body high, and head high.can also fall into an energetic state. great strain for sitting around in the house,or late night use.This strain is definitely not for beginners

  • 3 out of 5

    although my tolerance makes me take a few of these before getting stoned, it tastes great, and actually is potent for those with normal to little tolerances.

  • 5 out of 5

    I heard so much about your services WeedSender, always wanted to give you guys a shot and I will soon. I’ll be back with an update once I try the product I got..

  • 5 out of 5

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