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Jack Herer Brass Knuckles 1000 mg x 20 units

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Eliminate stress and elevate yourself into a blissfully euphoric state, powered by the spicy, pine-scented flavors of Jack Herer. The powerful sativa effects are a direct result of the dynamic cross between Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk.

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6 reviews for Jack Herer Brass Knuckles 1000 mg x 20 units
  • 5 out of 5

    This is my go-to. I now get it from WeedSender. I have anxiety and would usually avoid this strain, for some reason, the brass knuckles version of it works. It gets my mind working without any anxiety. Excellent for creativity, open-mindedness, and deep conversation.

  • 5 out of 5

    Ecstatic to meet Mr Jack Herer for the very first time! Bow to the Emperor! Deserving of 😡✊, my T-89.4% sativa dominant Emperor is blissfully + terpenicly sweet, 🌲 🌏 + woody delight, THE way to start EVERY day! Jack definitely has a way of lifting the fog + spirits, brightening your mood + outlook ☀️• 5⭐️ • This strain would bring together Kim Jong Un & tRump, Fidel Castro & Geo Bush Sr, The Ayatollah Khomeini & Jimmy Carter — it should be required smoking, not only at peace summits, but every morn @ White House briefings, to remove the egos from the room + to learn the practice of tolerance + compromise.. the 🌎 is a better place with Jack in it! • He brings✌🏽to one and all! •

  • 5 out of 5

    Hits like a champ have a piney and woody taste. Good for anytime wake and back or before sleep, Clears your head and helps focus and overall relaxation. Thank you WeedSender for proposing this to me.

  • 5 out of 5

    Jack here has a hint or pine skunk, very potent!

  • 4 out of 5

    The bk jack herer tastes great. Strong flavors of pine, very close in flavors in terms of acuracy and likeness. it is one of the best flavor cartridges I have used. Potency depends on the batch… It is Ok for me, definitely takes a few good drags to feel it comfortably, as does most sativa do for me. Good for daytime and easy to determine dosage to hit the sweet pot. I notice BK post test results for two months on cartridges. I think mine came with the sept. Batch at about 79% total potency and the current Oct. Month’s batch came in at 84% ish for the same flavor/strains. I only rate the best of the best 5.. and this one is really close because of the exception flavor.

  • 2 out of 5

    I have been getting kingpen cartridges from WeedSender, it was perfect before they changed from the old style. I’ve tried several cartridges since they change, most had the same problem. The first hit is ok but if you try it again the hit isn’t there. I’ve tried three different kinds of batteries and all do the same thing. It’s like you only get one good hit every few hours. I like their oil but I will not be buying king pen cartridges anymore. King pen used to be top of the game but not anymore

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