Yes, WeedSender is the most reliable online medical marijuana vendor, plug and supplier of the moment. You can count on us. We treat our customers like we are one big team and as long as you always carry through with your own end of the deal smoothly, you’ll always get the best from us in terms of price and quality.

We can ship everywhere in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe, (we literally mean EVERYWHERE) If you are in Asia, contact us with your Country and City, we will tell you if we can ship to your location.

  • US: Same Day, Overnight, 2 to 3days delivery options
  • Canada: Same Day, Overnight, 2 days Delivery Option
  • Australia: 3 days Delivery
  • Europe: 3 to 5 Day, same day for some parts of the UK.
  • Asia: 5 days

We do NOT accept to meet and greet with first-time customers.  We can only meet up with returning customers with a good history of successful purchase as well as good conduct. Please do not try to insist otherwise.

No, you do not need any license or paperwork to get your package. We are on a mission to make medical marijuana available for everyone who needs it but cannot go through the tedious procedures of getting a license. Nevertheless, we have a set of rules that ensures safety and only the serious customers are going to be able to deal.

No, not necessarily. We are nicknamed the Weed ATM because we are the quickest and the easiest place where you can get weed without any questioning.  Except you have additional questions, you can place and complete your order without saying a word. We will fulfill all orders. In fact, we prefer fulfilling orders without saying a word to each other.

We reserve the right to reject any order if we deem it suspicious. Do not worry, we always refund every order that is rejected. The reason why an order is rejected and refunded is;

  • If the customer disrespects our staff and uses foul languages.
  • If we deem the customer cannot handle the transaction discreetly.
  • If the customer shows proof of a lack of experience in the cannabis field.
  • If the customer is just playing around and does not take the business seriously.
  • If the customer is not acting in good faith.
  • If the customer has once tried to trick the payment system.

For a successful order, keep everything straight, simple, and smooth.

If you cannot submit an order on, then you have been banned from using our services. There are many reasons why customers are prohibited. Most of the time is the failure to complete the payment within the ideal time frame which is the same day as the order was submitted. Always submit your order when ready. When you submit an order, we save the package for your awaiting payment, in cases of limited supply, this makes the product scarce for another customer who probably needs it more. If this act is tolerated then it will greatly disrupt the system in the long run.

WeedSender is a marijuana collective made up of advocates with the goal of helping the cannabis community to thrive (That is why we have the lowest prices). In the struggle to achieve this successfully, we do a lot of work, go through tedious processes, run into legal issues with many states, face backlashes from anti-marijuana communities, and more. We have many customers to talk to daily and many patients to deal with. Our human resource is limited, so the time of each of our staff member is precious. This is why we do not tolerate any customer going round and round, timewasting, submitting spam orders, and more. If we both keep the process short and simple, it will always be a win-win situation.

This is because calls will prevent other customers trying to reach us from getting a fast and timely response.  With text messages, we are able to chat with a good number of people at the same time without congestion.

Most of our clients resent Paying with PayPal or Credit Card because they carry a lot of personal information. All transactions with credit cards are completely traceable. The buyer can be traced right to their doorstep. This is the reason why we cannot accept PayPal or other credit card payments like Venmo etc… Most clients prefer staying anonymous and we think it is safer that way for us both. Nevertheless, we accept PayPal (family and friends Option) at times. See the checkout page, we only accept the payment methods listed there at any point in time.

If you are in the US or Canada,

the best way to contact us is via Text Messages  (No Calls, always text first) See the phone number on the contact page.

If you are in any other location, the best way to contact us is via live chat, email to, wicker: WeedSender, Nonetheless, always follow the information present on the contact page.

Click here to go to the contact page

Most customers preferred mailing cash which was fine by us but we can notice for some reasons, that some of the cash shipments never got to us on time. Some payments came in incomplete.

These caused a lot of problems between clients and Ourselves. As a solution to this, we started accepting Gift Cards, they are similar to mailing cash, just that they are quicker, more reliable, and discreet.

You simply have to take cash to any Walmart, 7/11, CVS, Target, Dollar General, or any similar store, load it in a couple of gift cards and upload pictures of the cards. Easy and simple, Gift Cards are the second most discreet payment method after crypto.

We only receive gift cards from customers within the US, Canada, and Europe.  Click here to see more about gift cards

To Pay With Gift Cards, Simply go to a Walmart, 7/11, Dollar General, CVS, Or Walgreen. Buy A Gift Card(s), Load it, and Send pictures of the front and back of the card to complete your order. You can Buy Multiple Gift Cards to Complete a large order.
For the US, we accept Walmart Gift Cards Or Vanilla Visa Gift Cards.   For Europe, We take Amazon Gift Cards, Contact us if you want to pay with a gift card from Canada.

Walmart Gift Cards

Vanilla Visa Gift Cards

If you are in Canada, you can easily pay with Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies, VISA gift cards, and bank transfers (for payment over 5000USD). We now accept some gift cards for Canada. See the checkout page payment methods for more information on which gift cards are accepted in Canada.

If you are in the United States, you can pay with, Bitcoin, and Gift Cards. (Walmart and Vanilla Gift Cards) See more on the checkout page. The Payment methods we accept at a particular point in time are the ones listed on the checkout page.

  • Perpetual time wasters are prohibited.
  • If you place an order and fail to make the payment within the stipulated time frame, you will be permanently prohibited automatically by our algorithm.
  • If you are just playing around, you will be prohibited.
  • If you show disrespect towards our cause, we will ask you to look elsewhere.

No, you will not get into any trouble placing an order with We have put every measure in place to ensure safety and discretion for all customers. We’ve been in the cannabis industry for a long time, we started small and then grew big. We have a couple of dispensaries, retailers and patients deppending on us. We know the importance of marijuana so we cannot play games with it.

All packages are shipped the same day as the payment is made and the tracking number is given to you when the shipment is registered. The tracking is given via Email or SMS.

Yes, you can always ask for a refund of your payment. Click here to See our policy page for more information

We have premium quality products only.

We have the best prices in the market right now.

We are prompt with delivery in or out of state/country.

We have a high variety for all products, different flavors, and strains

We keep our word, we say exactly what we will do.

We  keep our customers close

We are marijuana activists, no complicated verification is needed.

We are consistent and will always be.

We are the leaders in the industry.

No. You don’t have to register to place an order with us. When at the checkout screen all you have to do is choose guest checkout and you can proceed without becoming a member. Registering, however, does allow you to shop more easily. Being a member allows you to store your information in our system so you can have a speedy, secure checkout without re-entering your information with each order. It also allows for you to re-order from previous purchases that are saved to your account.

We have sturdy relationship with courier services, this enable prompt delivery without any delays.

Within the state:

If you are in California, Colorado or Washington State, we can delivery to you the same day. This also applies to locations within the UK and Canada. Contact us to know your delivery eta.

Delivery Out Of state

Shipping within the US will take 2 days at most, overnight shipping is available to certain locations and always cost an extra fee

International Delivery

International delivery will take 5 days at most no matter your location.

Yes, you can track your package both on website or on the courier website if available.

For tracking your package on, go to the track your order page by clicking here. Once on the page use your order number and your billing email address ( the email address used in placing the order) to track your order.

For tracking on the courier website: Once your order is registered, we will send u a tracking number and the courier with whom the package was shipped. You can then use the tracking number to track the progress of your package. Always contact us if you have any issues.

Yes, we do issue refunds or replace a missing package, go to our terms of use page to see our refund policies.

You do not necessarily need a medical marijuana card or a license in order to place an order with us. Nonetheless, we will have to ask you some simple questions in order to deal with you. This is to eliminate all customers no acting in good faith from dealing with us. The marijuana community is driven by peace and love so we ask for mutual respect.

WeedSender has been in business for over 17 years. We have been serving dispensaries, patients, delivery services, and brokers long before our online presence. To know more about us, visit our about us page

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